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Excursion to Astros - Malevi Monastery

Visit Astros and the Monasteries


Just a few kilometres from Astros the Paleopanagia Monastery is tucked down tucked in a wooded ravine. It is dedicated to the Virgin Mary and the Assumption and was abandoned during the pre-revolutionary years, likely between 1770-1778. It was later completely renovated and is a working monastery well worth visiting.


The Monastery of Malevi was founded in 717 AD on the Parnon (Parnon or Parnonas is a mountain range) near the top of Malevo (the name of a peak), and hence it was named Malevi.

In the battle between Greeks and Turkish in 1786 the monastery was completely destroyed with the monks taking part in the fighting against the Turks. At that time, monks who survived the battle of Malevi dispersed to other monasteries in the area. The monastery was completley tenovated and is one of the most popular monasteries in the area and welcomes visitors from all over the world. In the monastery there is a miraculous icon, one of the 70, which was painted by Luke the Evangelist, where, from 1964 until recently is produces Holy Myrrh.


A day trip to Paralio Astros takes us along a coastal road that runs south from Nafplio, on the west of the Argolic gulf, winds around the coast passing beaches, mountains and small villages and is some of the most beautiful coastal scenery in Greece.

Paralio Astros, a pretty beach village with a small port and a long, beautiful sandy beach. All along the beach and in the back streets of the small town are cafe/bars and tavernas At the north end of the town there is a castle on top of a hill that was built during the Greek revolution before 1821 on top of the remains of a medieval castle. Inside the castle are three houses built by brothers who fought for Greece's freedom at this time. Walking along the beach towards the castle, there is a small stone beach which in turn leads to a fairly recently built amphitheatre and finally to a small lighthouse and an even smaller chapel. There are wonderful sea views from all these points.

Paralio Astros is a charming town to visit and a great excursion to do from Nafplio and a few kms inland, in Astros itself it is possible to visit the archaelogical musem.

Time: approx. 5 hours

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